Our Impact

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Our program is based on the concept of interpersonal relationships between adult volunteers and at risk children to promote confidence, competence and caring attributes. We strive to meet the needs of neighborhood children who are at academic risk of failing a grade in school by providing them with assistance with homework, a nutritious meal or healthy snack, a caring adult to give them attention and a safe place to play after school. The program incorporates instruction on nutrition, health, self-esteem, peer pressure and making healthy choices. We help children become self-reliant through developing their reading, math, language and writing skills.

AWCM also addresses chronic conditions of hunger by:

  • Meeting the children's immediate need for nutritious food by providing an evening meal or healthy snack

  • Teaching the children about nutrition, personal hygiene and related issues to improve their health and well being

  • By helping the children achieve academically to improve their chances of graduating from high school and to pursue additional education or training.

But just don't take our word for it, feel free to read what members of our community have to say about AWCM!

Health/family BENEFITS

  • Snacks, lending library and community resource information

  • Monthly family nights offer food, information and special presentations

  • Safe place to go 2-3 afternoons each week with people who care

  • Health and basic needs programs combat risk factors in the neighborhood, reduce stress in children’s lives, and ensure children’s fundamental needs are met.

Academic BENEFITS for the mentee

  • Academic programming helps children overcome deficits, improve literacy and math skills, stay on track to graduate from high school, and become ready for college and careers.

  • Assist with homework to support families so children are prepared for class with completed homework

  • Support is provided in areas of academic need including access to computers

childhood Development/enrichment

  • Recognize that there are opportunities for learning extend beyond academics

  • Soccer program provided in the fall and spring on Wednesday afternoons

  • Winter month enrichment includes art, music and field trips


Young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are: 


more likely to enroll in college


more likely to volunteer regularly


are interested in becoming a mentor


more likely to hold leadership positions

                                         Source: Mentoring.org