Voices from the Community | About AWCM

“As Chief of Police for the City of Raleigh, I recognize the value programs such as AventWest Children’s Mentor- ing bring to our city. This program is an excellent example of a community coming together to support an a er -school program for its youngest citizens. Avent West Children’s Mentoring is a valuable asset to the families residing there.”

- Harry Dolan
Former Chief of Police, City of Raleigh

“More than anything I believe the program is letting our kids know they are valued. For so many of them who do not get the extra support needed at home for whatever reason, Kids Cafe lets them know they are important and what they do in school is not just done in school but that it’s recognized and supported outside of the school environment. It’s also a safe place they can count on.”

- Weatherstone Elementary School Teachers

"I worked with AWCM for three years, and truly enjoyed getting to know the kids and feeling like we were making a difference. It was always so rewarding to see them progress throughout the year or even just work out a homework problem they were struggling with. During our enrichment sessions, I was often blown away with the creativity and energy they brought to hands-on activities. Getting to spend time with these kids after a long day at work was the perfect remedy to a stressful day!"


“AWCM has been an experience that has changed my view of the world around me. I tutor Kindergarteners through fourth graders twice a week with homework and reading skills. AWCM empowers children to do the best that they can and improves their lives."

- Owen Clapp
Five Year Volunteer Athens Drive High School Student

“The program has helped hundreds of children and their families since its inception in February 1999. Largely run by volunteers, this nonprofit program is supported by a unique group of public and private community partners who provide after school mentoring and tutoring, along with healthy nourishment and activities.

- Benson Kirkman
West Citizens Advisory Co-Chair Former Councilman,
City of Raleigh